Finder OEM

Finder OEM

The finished analysis system Finder can be adapted as an OEM component for machines and systems according to your requirements. However it isn't just the machine providers who profit from the application of NIR spectroscopy, the implementation of the NIR module is also an additional purchasing argument for manufacturers of serial models when communicating with their customers.

Lengthy analyses in laboratories are reduced to a minimum, thereby saving valuable time and costs. Retrofit your machines with additional NIR measuring technology or offer an NIR analysis system under your label.

Options for collaboration with HiperScan as a development partner:

  • The development and adaptation of attachments for the Finder SD (e.g. step motor for sample administration, measuring probes etc.), tailor-made for applications
  • Provision and adaptation of a mechanical and electric interface to supply and control the periphery
  • Branding for OEM partners

Additional advantages/features

  • Complete compatibility with SensoLogic Toolchain
    • Development of quantitative and qualitative calibrations
    • Efficient data management
    • Easy calibration maintenance
  • Easy to replace light source with a service life of over 2 years
  • Dust-proof, chemical-resistant housing, IP65 certified
  • Software development kit for integration into your software

Data sheet Finder OEM

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