NIR in the Food Industry


The food industry relies on the monitoring of ingredients such as fat, protein and water during manufacturing processes. Critical process parameters are constantly and quickly registered with NIR-spectrometers, while the production process of food and meat samples are examined in seconds.

Our start calibration, built from a variety of fresh meat samples, is ideal as a basis for the extension with your semi-finished products or end products to check sausages or other meat products.


Advantages for Your Industry

By implementing the Finder SD Rotator analysis system in the production process, qualitatively higher-grade foods can be efficiently produced, thanks to the time-saving and non-destructive analysis of solid samples. Thanks to the use of scanning grating technology, the system is fast, robust and reliable.

  • Quality assessment by determining fat, protein and water content
  • Determining concentrations automatically
  • Monitoring production processes
  • Analysis for instance of meat and milk products, baking ingredients and grains

Our products

Finder SD Rotator

Newly developed rotation attachment to identify inhomogeneous samples and for various applications in different industries.

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