Near-infrared spectrometer SGS1900

SGS 1900

The compact spectrometer SGS1900 combines patented Fraunhofer scanning grating technology with an uncooled InGaAs single detector. This combination enables a cost-effective, high-performance and robust spectrometer module.

With the help of MEMS technology a Czerny-Turner monochromator is provided that covers the extended wave length of a range up to 1900nm with constant resolution. In this way, the entire area of the 2nd overtones and part of the 1st can be used for precise analyses.


  • Patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology
  • Extended wave length range of 1000 to 1900nm
  • Constant optical resolution (FWHM) 10nm across the entire wave length range
  • Uncooled InGaAs single detector
  • Compact: 105 x 80 x 86 mm³
  • SMA 905 fibre connection
  • Software development kit, C/C# interface for integration into your software


Data sheet SGS1900

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