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Welcome to HiperScan

your specialist for near-infrared (NIR) analysis systems. We use optical scanning methods to produce smaller, faster or more cost-effective and innovative analysers.

Through our scanning grating spectrometer (SGS) the NIR analysis can now also be used in the areas for which it was previously too costly. Thus, routine checks should be independent of highly specialized laboratories feasible directly in the delivery or process chain. Such concentration determinations as fat, water or protein content or the identity checks on incoming goods are easily, quickly and safely.


Measurements in the production and manufacture

The detection and evaluation of the properties of substances, intermediates and final product quality are of vital importance for all manufacturing processes.

NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) is an almost ideal method for determining and analysing a variety of substances or products. As a genuine "green science" it requires no additional chemicals or solvents.

Use of NIR analysis system and a functional chemo metric model many questions that arise can be answered quickly and especially non-destructive.

Our NIR analysis systems measure in diffuse reflection and recalibrate automatically with internal reference standards. They are fast, rugged, transportable and on request also dustproof. Once generated, a chemometric model can be used at many locations.

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Integration in production and quality assurance processes


The industry is particularly dependent in their production processes to the monitoring of chemical substances (for example, fat, protein and water). Critical process parameters are continuously and quickly recorded with integrated NIR spectrometers and monitor the production process to the second.

So a time-saving and non-destructive analysis of many solid, semi-solid and liquid substances is possible.


Much more information can be found in our information brochure.

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Chemometric models and software solutions – our competence


HiperScan linked his long experience in creating chemo metric models with the know-how for intuitive software design in clear efficient structures. You can build on our expertise and quickly and easily create your NIRS implementation. Simply use a ready complete system or components of HiperScan. The necessary chemo metric models for your application can be standardized or individually designed and developed. A quick paste into your processes or your software is possible through open software interfaces (DLLs).

NIRS - experience and know-how in software design

  • modeling (calibration)
  • model validation
  • software solution
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