Meat analysis
with NIR spectroscopy

Analysis of raw meat and all types of meat products -
quick, easy and reliable

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Experience NIR live

Visit us at Deutscher Fleisch Kongress 2019 and get to know our analysis system Finder SD Rotator.

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Know what's inside!
With the analysis sytem Apo-Ident

Custom-made for pharmaceutical analysis operations, the NIR spectrometer checks your compounding raw materials fast, economical and save.

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Finder SD Rotator –
flexible for your analyses

Simple analysis with our near-infrared spectrometer with sample attachment for rotating sample dishes.

Our industries

We make routine inspections an everyday occurrence.

Particularly in security-sensitive sectors, routine inspections of source substances and materials is mandatory. Elaborate testing procedures are indispensable when the addition of undesired by-products have to be excluded in production. With our analysis devices, the testing of many liquid, semi-solid and solid substances can be integrated into process chains. Scanning methods, such as near-infrared spectroscopy, help to measure critical parameters like concentrations of fat, protein or water. It can be continuously and accurately tested to the millisecond - already during the production process.

Our products

HiperScan - a success story since 2006

In many industries such as: pharmaceuticals, medicine, agriculture, the food industry, waste disposal, and the packaging & plastics industry, visual testing methods have already been established for quality analysis and process monitoring. Previously however, the frequently high implementation costs prevented broader usage of NIR spectroscopy (NIRS). Thanks to intensive research on the usage of micro-scan systems, in 2004, the completely new and considerably cost-effective scanning grating spectrometer (SGS) was developed.

This laid the foundation stone for HiperScan GmbH, a company which branched off from the Frauenhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems Dresden in 2006. Today, as a company, our objective is to continue driving the development of high-grade technologies and applications for the analysis of substances in the near infrared range (NIR). For this purpose, we want to continue developing the advantages of NIR spectroscopy, in order to establish it for mass application in the near future. Because if smaller companies can also profit from the method, not only does the quality of the finished product increase, but NIRS itself will be raised to a higher level of quality.

Raw material testing in pharmacies

Our products


Immediately applicable solutions for pharmacy laboratories with an integrated, validated substance database for identity verification in a matter of seconds.

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Finder SD

Dust-proof and multi-functional application. Thanks to the calibration standard inside the device, the system checks itself continuously.

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Finder SD Rotator

Newly developed rotation attachment to identify inhomogeneous samples and for various applications in different industries.

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SGS 1900

Compact single detector. Easy and fast integration into your devices and applications with platform-independent interfaces.

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