Meat analysis with NIR spectroscopy

The NIR analysis system Finder SD Rotator has been developed for the various integration into production and quality assurance processes in the meat industry. The system analyzes raw materials, semi-finished and finished products within a few seconds. Important parameters such as fat, water or protein can be analysed quickly, easily and reliably.

Due to fluctuating compositions of raw materials in the meat industry, quality control and analysis is already required at goods receipt. This is necessary to make sure the necessary prerequisites for a standardized production are reached. To ensure a constant quality of your production, you can e.g. determine the exact fat or protein content of your semi-finished product so you can still react if necessary. With the Finder SD Rotator you can analyze inhomogeneous samples quickly and reliably.

Our start calibration, built from a variety of fresh meat samples, is ideal as a basis for the extension with your semi-finished products or end products to check sausages or other meat products.

Application in meat industry:

  • Analysis of raw meat and all types of meat products
  • Exact determination of fat, moisture, protein, collagen, ash, salt, saturated fatty acids

This is how the Finder SD Rotator can help you:

Development of an in-house quality control system

Your advantages:

  • Control of suppliers immediately upon delivery of raw material
  • Control of each production batch by continuous analysis
  • Reduction of analysis times and production stops – quick release of intermediate and final products
  • Saving of laboratory costs, optimised use of cost intensive raw material and exact achievement of target parameters

Extension and replacement of existing analysis technology

Your advantages:

  • Exact achievement of target parameters for e.g. fat and protein content
  • Measurability of additional parameters
  • Cost savings through latest MEMS scanning grating technology - lower probability of failure and maintenance incl. replacement device in case of servicing
  • Flexible and user-friendly software with adaptable input and reports
  • Easy to clean

Validation and fine calibration of analysis systems

Your advantages:

  • Highest accuracy for validation and fine calibration of X-Ray analysis systems
  • Budget-friendly analysis solution – low cost for maintenance and minimal drop out times
  • Flexible software with adaptable input and reports
  • Low weight and easy to transport to different locations

General advantages:

  • State-of-the-art NIR analysis system Made in Germany
  • Analysis of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products
  • Self-developed and user-friendly HiperScan Predictor software for NIR analysis system
  • Highest customer service with personal support
  • Customized NIR solutions and adaptations possible at any time

Data sheet Finder SD Rotator

Application Note

Our product

Finder SD Rotator

Finder SD Rotator

Newly developed rotation attachment to identify inhomogeneous samples and for various applications in different industries.

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