Successful with MEMS technology for over 13 years

HiperScan GmbH is a successful, medium-sized technology company with headquarters in Dresden and over 60 employees. HiperScan GmbH branched off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, Dresden, in 2006. At this time, the foundation stone for a successful company was laid with MEMS-scanner research results.

With the help of scanning grating technology developed at the Fraunhofer Institute, the high-performance SGS1900 spectrometer was developed as part of further research collaborations. This established the basis for the very successful and cost-effective NIR-analysis system Apo-Ident, which is distributed in Germany and internationally. It is a near infrared spectrometer that has been specially designed for identifying raw materials in pharmacies. With this system, HiperScan is the market leader for raw material identification in German pharmacies.

As one of the fastest growing technology companies, HipeScan GmbH was presented the Technology Fast 50 Award in 2015.

NIR mission for mass application

Our goal is to make near infrared spectroscopy technology for analysing substances versatile in application, cost-effective and thereby accessible to everyone. This is why we condense high-tech laboratory technology into small formats in order to integrate it into existing process chains.

We are not satisfied with the status quo and are constantly improving near infrared spectroscopy technology. We are working on further expanding the advantages of NIRS and establishing its mass application in multiple industries. We strive not only to increase the quality level of the tested substances, but also to raise near infrared spectroscopy to a higher level. 

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Michael Thoma
Managing Director

+49 351 212 496 0

Diplom-Betriebswirt Michael Thoma has been Managing Director of HiperScan GmbH since 2015.