NIR in the Recycling Industry

Ensuring the identity and quality of raw materials as well as intermediate and final products is becoming more important with the increasing complexity of production systems.
Processes in the recycling industry can be reliably monitored with NIR-spectrometers.
The implementation of NIR-analysis systems in the production process and in laboratories can also analyse and sort material flows in a time-saving and non-destructive manner.

Advantages for Your Industry

With the implementation of the Finder SD analysis system, materials like substances or blended fabrics can be clearly identified and categorised for disposal or re-use.   With the help of of scanning grating technology, the system is fast, robust and reliable.

  • Monitoring the quality parameters of various materials
  • Identification for sorting management
  • Analysis and monitoring of processes in the recycling industry

Our products

Finder SD

Finder SD

Dust-proof and multi-functional application. Thanks to the calibration standard inside the device, the system checks itself continuously.

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