Finder SD

The reliable and compact analysis system Finder SD can be applied universally. Whether in the laboratory or directly in production, the robust design enables precise and reproducible analysis results even under challenging conditions.

A dust-proof and water-resistant housing (certified in accordance with IP65), combined with thermal stabilising, guarantees impeccable operation. Visual reference standards inside the device provide additional regularly automated testing of the spectrometers functionality.

The corresponding user-friendly software can be adapted to meet the needs of your customer applications. Various user levels ensure secure integration into your process. Required input parameters, report issuances as well as user rights can be configured individually to meet your needs. 

The Finder SD is suitable for solid, semi-solid and liquid samples.  Solid substances are measured in diffused reflection while liquids and pastes are measured in transflection. Samples with a diameter of 3 mm up to 23mm can be examined hereby.

The Finder SD can be used for homogeneous to slightly heterogeneous samples. Powder, pastes, salves or liquids from various industries can be analysed without destroying them. The focus of NIRS hereby is on organic materials. The most common area of application is the quantification of ingredients, e.g. ingredients that determine product value, like fat and protein in food or feed production. In addition, the main application is the qualification or identification of raw materials in incoming goods inspections, for instance the identification of active substances and filler materials in pharmaceutical production.  The Finder SD can also perform corresponding analyses for intermediate products and semi-finished products.

Basis calibrations are already available for various industries and products. When it comes to new applications, we gladly take on the development of new calibrations for you. Contact us!

Alternatively, high-performance software for the development of quantitative or qualitative calibrations is available from SensoLogic. New applications can easily be used with the Finder SD via a standardised interface.

Advantage overview

  • Robust design, IP65 certified
  • Patented Fraunhofer MEMS scanning grating technology
  • Thermally stabilised
  • Integrated stabilised Wolfram halogen light source
  • Easy to clean, no cross-contamination
  • Measurement in diffuse reflection (solid substances) or transflection (liquids)
  • Analysis results in a few seconds
  • User-friendly software

Application examples

  • Determining protein, fat and water content in meat or milk products
  • Determining moisture in pasta products
  • Identification of synthetic materials or textiles in the recycling industry

Contact us

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Sales Manager Industry

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As Sales Manager in the industry field, Obrad Kovanovic is responsible for analyzing existing and new business areas as well as developing and coordinating new, creative NIR solutions for our customers.