NIR in Pharmaceutics

The analysis of complex samples with the help of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in pharmaceuticals production has been established for a long time. The non-destructive intake of spectra with NIR-analysis systems can quickly and easily identify substances and substance preparations without sample preparation.

Advantages for Your Industry

The implementation of the Apo-Ident or Finder SD analysis systems in various processes guarantees destruction-free analysis of pharmaceutical samples. With the help of scanning grating technology, the system is fast, robust and reliable.

  • Raw material testing in seconds
  • Over 1,100 raw materials: solid, semi-solid/liquid, salves can be identified
  • Verification of robustness and 100% specificity, traceable to certified raw materials

Our products

Apo-Ident 2


Immediately applicable solutions for pharmacy laboratories with an integrated, validated substance database for identity verification in a matter of seconds.

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Finder SD

Finder SD

Dust-proof and multi-functional application. Thanks to the calibration standard inside the device, the system checks itself continuously.

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