Our Management team members

The HiperScan Management Team in Dresden: creative talents, technical visionaries and communicative networker. Don't hestiate to contact us via Email, telephone or social network. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

HiperScan Management team

Dr. Alexander Wolter Founder & Managing Director +49 351 212 496 0 info@hiperscan.com

Dr. Alexander Wolter founded the company HiperScan 2006 after many years of working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) in Dresden.

Michael Thoma Managing Director +49 351 212 496 0 info@hiperscan.com

Diplom-Betriebswirt Michael Thoma completes the management team since 2015.

HiperScan Management

Christian Tägert Sales Director +49 351 212 496 0 christian.taegert@hiperscan.com

Christian Tägert passionately leads the dynamic sales team nationally and internationally.

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Nils Lindner Head of Marketing +49 351 212 496 0 nils.lindner@hiperscan.com

Marketing is heart work. Nils Lindner communicates with his marketing team with full commitment and passion for the HiperScan Services.

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Sven Gußmann Head of E-Commerce +49 (351) 212 496 33 info@apo-ident.de

Sven Gußmann is your contact person for Apo-Ident laboratory and recipe requirements.

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Marc Althaus Head of Application Development & Business Development +49 351 212 496 0 marc.althaus@hiperscan.com

Marc Althaus is a long-standing employee and your contact for all NIR applications and business development.

René Rietzschel Head of Manufacturing +49 351 212 496 0 rene.rietzschel@hiperscan.com

René Rietzschel has been with the company for more than 10 years and is passionate about our products.

Dr. Thomas Klose Head of Development Department +49 351 212 496 0 thomas.klose@hiperscan.com

Dr. Thomas Klose and his team develop NIR products and software solutions for the applications of tomorrow.

Alexander Höpfner Head of Customer Software +49 351 212 496 0 alexander.hoepfner@hiperscan.com

Alexander Höpfner develops software solutions for the HiperScan NIR products and their applications.

Christiane Berkensträter Head of Customer Care +49 351 212 496 16 christiane.berkenstraeter@hiperscan.com

Christiane Berkensträter is head of customer care at HiperScan.