Custom-made products – near-infrared analysis systems from HiperScan

We are your competent partner if you are looking for a complimentary solution to identify, test or analyse substances, products or materials. We offer our NIR analysis systems in various upgrade levels to extend your product range or for integration into your own applications. Whether you require a single spectrometer or a complete installation: with our analysis systems you are ideally equipped for the future. With our know-how, we assist you step by step along the path to your own NIR application.

Our products


Immediately applicable solutions for pharmacy laboratories with an integrated, validated substance database for identity verification in a matter of seconds.


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Finder SD

Dust-proof and multi-functional application. Thanks to the calibration standard inside the device, the system checks itself continuously.

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Finder SD Rotator

Newly developed rotation attachment to identify inhomogeneous samples and for various applications in different industries.

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SGS 1900

Compact single detector. Easy and fast integration into your devices and applications with platform-independent interfaces.

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Marc Althaus Head of Application Development & Business Development +49 (351) 212 496 0

Marc Althaus is a long-standing employee and your contact for all NIR applications and business development.

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