Meat analysis with NIR spectroscopy

The NIR analysis system Finder SD Rotator has been developed for the various integration into production and quality assurance processes in the meat industry. The system analyzes raw materials, semi-finished and finished products within a few seconds. Important parameters such as fat, water or protein can be analysed quickly, easily and reliably.

Due to fluctuating compositions of raw materials in the meat industry, quality control and analysis is already required at goods receipt. This is necessary to make sure the necessary prerequisites for a standardized production are reached. To ensure a constant quality of your production, you can e.g. determine the exact fat content of your semi-finished product so you can still react if necessary. With the Finder SD Rotator you can analyze inhomogeneous samples quickly and reliably.

Our start calibration, built from a variety of fresh meat samples, is ideal as a basis for the extension with your semi-finished products or end products to check sausages or other meat products.

Application in meat industry:

  • Analysis of raw meat and all types of meat products
  • Exact determination of fat, moisture, protein, collagen, ash, salt

Your advantages:

  • Cost reduction and profit maximization
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Reduction of analysis time and laboratory costs
  • Supplier control and optimization of the raw material use
  • Precise control of fat content
  • Monitoring, optimization and standardization of the production process
  • Quality control of the final product
  • Reduction of release time for finished products

Data sheet Finder SD Rotator

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Application Note

Our product

Finder SD Rotator

Newly developed rotation attachment to identify inhomogeneous samples and for various applications in different industries.

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